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Southwood High School Band performing at football game



Choir is a full-year class (recommended) that offers a variety of special opportunities to those who take both semesters of Choir. For those that have a schedule conflict, a semester commitment is allowed. Choir is considered a co-curricular class; the classwork prepares the singer for each performance that gives the singer the complete experience.  A minimum of one concert performance is expected each semester.

The class time teaches students how to follow the music, learn their assigned vocal part, and develop basic skills in sight-reading music. During this COVID year, digital recordings of each voice part were made and available on Google Classroom for students to learn at home. Sight Reading Factory app was used to assist students in practicing and learning how to sight read rhythm and pitch using solfege. Typically, the music is taught during class time but memorization may take extra 'at home' practicing to get the best results. Therefore, there isn't much homework involved except when students need to make up work they've missed due to absences.

Extra-curricular opportunities require more time beyond the class period. Those opportunities typically have included ISSMA Vocal and Piano solo & ensemble contest (January-February), Wabash County Honor Choir (audition required; rehearsals and performance in March), All-State Honor Choir (September audition required; performance is typically in January), and possible national anthem performances at sporting events. 

Visual Arts

Visual art courses are available for students in all grades and ability levels. Aside from art-making and learning the students will learn other life skills that will help them now and in the future.  Visual arts give the students a way of expressing themselves that they cannot express in any other way.

Classes range from introductory to advanced levels and included both 2D and 3D art mediums. Southwood art students use Adobe software and other internet interactions to assist in their art experiences.  Many hands-on art supplies and mediums are used as well, including everything from woodworking to oil painting.

Opportunities for students to enter art competitions are also available for those who chose to participate.



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